UK and Ireland TOUR

Produced by : Robert C Kelly and GBL Productions

Dates :
Rehearsals from Monday 26th June 2023 (LOCATION TBC)
Touring from w/c 10th July – 22nd October 2023

AUDITIONS in London :
First rounds : Thursday 9th and Friday 10th March 2023
Recalls : Monday 13th and Tuesday 14th March 2023
Final recalls : Wednesday 15th March 2023

The original production (set in Northern Ireland) sold-out the entire run including a full week at the Grand Opera House Belfast. It has been reworked to be set in Great Britain and is now to tour the rest of the UK.
Becky’s best friend Sarah is engaged. She is marrying the love of her life, Bryan. Becky is delighted to be the Maid of Honour and even though she’s scatty and skint she wants to be the most reliable, fun and thrifty Maid of Honour she can be. She’s loyal but with that comes jealousy of Sarah’s new ‘work’ BFF (best friend forever), Tiffany.
Becky and Tiffany fall into a passive aggressive, tit for tat dialogue during the lead up to the wedding. A fight for Sarah’s attention and approval leads to problems at the hen do.
All the while, Bryan’s inappropriate sister, Barbs, is bridesmaid number 3 and only part of the Bridal party by default. No-one wants her there. She’s harmless, but she’s a massive nuisance. (Barbs is an off-stage character, we never meet).
Sarah has lost sight of herself (and of the big picture) amidst the wedding planning. Her demands become more and more unrealistic for poor Becky. Why can’t Sarah’s new mother-in-law just wear a hat if she wants her to and how do you control your arm pit sweat glands with your mind to avoid ruining the bride’s photos by sweating through their ill-fitting, over-priced dresses? Will these relationships make it through the wedding planning, or will it tear them apart? A hilarious story of friendships, fallouts, and nuptials.
We are looking for the following roles :
o Playing age 25-35
o Female presenting
o Becky is originally from Liverpool but moved to Manchester in her early teens

Becky is great to have on a night out. She will dance all night, drink shots until she drops and fight anyone who tries to mess with her mates. She is a loyal friend and they mean everything to her. She has never been lucky in love and is feeling under pressure to find someone now she is over 30. This doesn’t stop her being delighted for her best friend’s engagement. She can’t wait to dig out their childhood wedding scrapbook and start planning Sarah’s big day. Becky is territorial and finds it difficult to share her BFF (best friend forever) with Tiffany, Sarah’s new work friend. She’s worried Tiffany’s upper-class attitude is rubbing off on Sarah. Becky is quick witted, strong but deep down absolutely terrified of being on her own. Becky is a loveable idiot.

o Playing Age 25-35
o Female presenting
o Grew up in Manchester – met Bryan (husband to be) in London
o Now lives in Chelsea

Sarah grew up with Becky in Manchester but met Bryan in London and now lives in Chelsea where she met her new BFF Tiffany. Sarah is engaged to Bryan and is planning her wedding. She loves her best friend Becky to bits. They have a strong bond with lots of inside jokes. She warns her bridesmaids about excessive sweating in the dresses and bans her mother-in-law from wearing a hat. Sarah has changed. She’s not the party girl she used to be. She’s heavily focused on her wedding and reveals herself to have been a little bit of a Bridezilla but soon realises it’s all nonsense and that nothing is more important than friendships.

o Playing age 25-35
o Female presenting
o Tiffany lives in Chelsea (Originally from Croydon but tells nobody)

Tiffany is so gorgeous it should be a crime. She and Sarah work together. Tiffany is a popular girl, who has the money to do great things for her friends. She’s the Instagram perfect millennial. Tiffany can be selfish at times because she’s so concerned about her image but with money and time at her disposal, she’s also very generous to those she loves. Under the façade of being a perfectly well-put-together Chelsea bae, Tiffany struggles with her identity as she grew up with nothing and has a very small family, which is something she keeps to herself. Tiffany struggles in her marriage and doesn’t know if she’s there for the money and stability or for love. Tiffany isn’t as one dimensional as she seems and eventually shows her softer side.



Will need to be a versatile female presenting actor with resident or assistant directing experience.

We welcome applications from artistes of all ethnicities/heritages for all roles.


The show rehearses for two weeks in a town to be advised (possibly Glasgow or Belfast) before touring the UK and Ireland from July to October 2023. The tour alternates between one-nighters and full week residencies.
Single occupancy accommodation is provided, except for full weeks when subsistence shall be paid. For split weeks or one-nighters, we shall provide accommodation in hotels (Premier Inn or similar) or apartments. Travel is provided in a people carrier.
When in producer provided hotels, breakfast expenses may be reclaimed up to £10 per day.
Artistes Fees
Becky, Tiffany, Sarah
Rehearsal fees: prevailing Equity minimum plus subsistence (plus Holiday Pay) currently – £478.12 plus £50 holiday pay per week. Artiste provides their own accommodation for rehearsals.
Performance fee £900 per week (£700 per week + £100 subsistence + £100 holiday pay). Pro-rated for part-weeks at start and end of contract only. Single occupancy accommodation is provided in Premier Inn / Travelodge type hotels.
Breakfast reclaimable up to £10 per day (including VAT) when in hotel accommodation.

Travel paid from and back to local rail station at start and end of contract and for declared holidays.
Travel to and from Ireland is provided.

Rehearsal fees : Equity minimum (plus Holiday Pay) – £478.12 plus £50 holiday pay per week.
Performance fee £850 per week (£675 per week + £100 subsistence + £75 holiday pay). Pro-rated for part-weeks at start and end of contract only. No additional payments if required to go on.
All other conditions as per artistes fee info above.

Submissions by Spotlight link or by email with a cv and headshot to
[email protected]
with BRIDESMAIDS and the role in the subject line